The Proposed Development

The Proposed Development

  • Provision of a new neighbourhood foodstore with 1,261m² sales area (2,080m² gross internal floor area);
  • 119 free parking bays of which 8 will be disabled spaces and 8 will be parent and child spaces;
  • A modern high quality building incorporating a fully glazed shopfront facing across the store’s car park towards Christy’s Lane;
  • Only 2 or 3 deliveries a day to a recessed loading bay on the side of the building;
  • Retailing a range of core products (2,000 lines) the store will provide local residents with increased choice and lower prices; and
  • Provision of up to 40 new jobs, the majority of which will be sourced locally.

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Lidl Shaftesbury – Proposed Site Plan

Site Layout

Lidl’s proposed development involves the construction of a new single-storey building that will provide 2,080m² gross internal floor space with a net sales area of 1,261m². The proposed development will provide 119 free car parking bays, including 8 disabled space and 8 parent and child spaces that will be sited at the front of the store.


Vehicle access/egress to the site will be directly from Christy’s Lane via a new ghost right hand turn lane which is proposed to improve the access to the site.

The site is accessible via sustainable modes of travel, with infrastructure to facilitate pedestrian and cycle movements between the site and local residential areas in addition to convenient access to public transport services.

Lidl CyclesCustomer cycle parking will be provided to encourage shoppers to visit the store by bicycle.

The stores’ car parking spaces are arranged in a manner so that it will be safe and easy for customers to manoeuvre around the car park, with the disabled and parent and child car parking located close to the store entrance.

The new store is located on the edge of Shaftesbury town centre which is important to enable linked shopping trips and retain expenditure within Shaftesbury.